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Radhanath Swami on What is more logical?

People may challenge that how do you know the soul is eternal, how do you know there is a God? Because unless we have faith in these principles, how will we strive to live for that when there is so much opposition, philosophically, logically, socially....

Radhanath Swami On Service Attitude

Radhanath Swami On Service Attitude

There are so many subject matters in this world. There is poetry, music, news, prajalpa, and so many things to discuss, so many things to hear everywhere. But one who focuses their attention on hearing the glories of the lord and really has that eagerness, that taste is...

Mahaprabhu Cleaning Gundicha Temple

Put your whole heart in the services

If we have the genuine grateful heart; how fortunate I am to have the name of Krsna, how fortunate I am to have the ultimate gift cleaning this floor, it is Krsna’s floor, in the spiritual world the goddess of fortune is longing to clean...