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Vaishnava Devotee

Radhanath Swami on Dying to Live

The way devotees dress, it is to help us with this conception of identity. It is not that you have to do these external things, but those who do, it should be understood in its proper context. Why do some of us shave our heads?...


Radhanath Swami on What is more logical?

People may challenge that how do you know the soul is eternal, how do you know there is a God? Because unless we have faith in these principles, how will we strive to live for that when there is so much opposition, philosophically, logically, socially....

Mother Teresa

Radhanath Swami on Secret of Mother Teresa

Secret of Mother Teresa’s enthusiasm to serve humanity: While I was with Mother Teresa, someone asked her, “How do you get all your strength and enthusiasm to do so much for others?” She held up her beads and said, “It’s all coming by the chanting...