Radhanath Swami on Power of Positive Habits

Power of Positive HabitsIn this world, if a person is addicted to anything for a long duration of time, it is very difficult to abstract one’s activities from that habit. For instance, if a person is been smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol for last thirty years, it has become such an integral part of his life. People look for shelter in these things.

The addiction creates such an intense craving that every part of the body is longing in separation for that experience of that poisonous nicotine smoke coming into their lungs. Its not because its pleasure, it’s because they are addicted to it. Without it there is so much disturbance and agitation. That is what an alcohol addict is, that is what a drug addict is. Since they are habituated to find pleasure in that, they create a condition in which they get relief from that experience. They can’t live without it.

But actually to various degrees, every type of materialistic pleasure is of the same nature as it relieves them from the boredom and the agitations of this world. But giving up these pleasures does not mean not enjoying or being detached. Since time immemorial, we have been conditioned to this chronic addiction and now we want to just give it up. It is very difficult to do that.

To annihilate the desires of the mind and senses, is not at all our goal. But to give these habits we have to transform these desires towards to the real path of truth with positive lifestyle. We can only give up the lower impulses when we experience something higher. This fulfillment of love comes through service to Lord.


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  1. Sadhana is the activities to get rid of the allurements in this world is to just purify oneself and please the Supreme Person, Krsna. All glories to HH Radhanatha Svami Maharaja.

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